Hello Parents and Guardians,

This year is moving quickly, hard to believe that it is already February! This month we welcome our new friends joining us. February will bring many new adventures and activities for the children to enjoy.

Again as we continue through the winter months we encourage parents to provide children with snow pants, hats, mittens, and jackets as we will still be enjoying the outdoors, weather permitting.

This month many of our activities will continue to explore and focus on winter as well as encourage the children to play together to develop friendships with their classmates. We will encourage the children to join in on fun art activities such as creating snowflakes, snow and decorating mittens. They will also be encouraged to draw and develop their fine motor development. We will also include some sensory activities that will incorporate winter with other interests the children have. As children interact with the materials and toys in the room they will be challenged to grow their skills and encouraged to participate in parallel play, as well as encouraged to share with each other and interact together during their play.

February also brings Valentines Day. Children can bring Valentines for the class, but we ask that all that is written on the cards is who they are from so that we can make sure no child is left out. We also encourage children to wear red, white and pink on the 14th in spirit of Valentines Day.

This month we will continue to practice and encourage the children to use “Please and Thank you” with the staff, their friends and family as well as with others within the community as their language develops. We will also continue to teach children how to drink their milk from regular cups during lunch time and not their sippy cups.

We look forward to continuing to work with the children and watch them grow and learn! Everyday will be filled with fun!



February 14th: Valentines Day

February 20th: Family Day, the centre will be closed


Ms. Natalie RECE

Ms. Kathy ECA