February in the koala room will be brightened with heart shaped decorations  and crafts that the children will be creating. We will be mixing red and white paint and seeing the outcome pink paint!. Fine motor skills will be practiced by using child- friendly scissors to cut paper, tin foil and more items. Children will be able to acknowledge the shape of a heart and trace it with their teacher, hand over hand practice.

Large gross motor development will be practiced as we will be playing more games and children will become more active in result. Some activities include bowling which will enhance children’s physical gross motor balance and turn taking cooperation amongst peers. Another activity the children enjoy is The sponge climber set which includes a slide and we will continue to use this.

Koalas love the sleeping bunnies song. This song will be extended  by using animal names and pretending we are animals.

There is lots to explore this month everyday is exciting and new!
Mrs. Brentha RECE

Ms. Aleks –  ECA