We welcome the new year and new faces to our room! We will be incorporating more creative arts into our programming. We will be using props and colouring using utensils such as shaped sponges, cars, glitter glue .Stamping shapes onto paper, along with cut out vegetables that children can dip into paint and much more activities.

Doll houses, cribs, purses, blankets and a stroller are some of the new materials that are added to our dramatic centre . Children enjoy playing with these items and it expands their interest of pretend play.

Children took interest in play dough we will be using cookie cutters and rollers and we will be creating our own play dough as a group during gathering time. We will also incorporate science with play dough as we can use food colouring to change the colour of the dough and mix colours to create new colours.

Outdoor play will insist or sleighs and shovels for children to enjoy the snow!. We will be taking the children out to play and explore the snow, weather permitting.

We look forward to the new year and new learning experiences.


Mrs. Brentha RECE

Ms. Aleks        ECA