Hello Parents and Guardians,

The New Year has finally arrived! We hope everyone enjoyed their time off and spending it with family. January brings some changes to the Teddy Room. We wish are friends moving to the Koala room good luck and welcome some new friends into the room!

January will bring many adventures for the children. With winter in full force there will be days that we do not go outside due to the cold weather but please make sure your children are prepared for any weather.

This month many of our activities will explore and focus on winter. We will encourage the children to join in on fun art activities such as creating snowflakes and drawing to develop their fine motor development. We will also include some sensory activities that will incorporate winter with other interests the children have.

This month we will continue practice and encouraging the children to use “Please and Thank you” with the staff, their friends and family as well as with others within the community. We also continue to teach children how to drink their milk from regular cups during lunch time and not their sippy cups.

We would like wish everyone a happy new year and look forward to learning and growing with the children every day!


Ms. Natalie RECE

Ms. Kathy ECA