We are looking forward to celebrate all the holidays happening in December!  During the month we are focussing on self-help skills which include: dressing/undressing for outdoor play.  We are very excited about the new materials we have received in our classroom including our new hand washing sink!  We are hoping this will provide more ample opportunity for good hand washing, and reduce the spread of illness throughout the room. 

With the help of Liz, our Preschool Facilitator, we have been working on implementing small group activities, routines & transitions in our room, providing children a calmer and more positive experience for all.  It also enables us to better meet children’s individual needs in the program.

Children have shown a great interest in cooperative play, in both small and large groups, coordinating with one another towards a common purpose (i.e. putting all the chairs together to make a long train, building tall block towers, and acting out roles in the pretend play).  Children are using more complex language as they negotiate roles with one another and exchange materials and ideas.   It also gives them opportunity to make decisions, make a plan and following through with it, and builds confidence while learning through trial and error. 

We are excited for our Annual Holiday Jingle Mix & Mingle, where we all gather on Dec. 12th from 4:30-6:00 downstairs in the Oak Room to enjoy some Christmas festivities.  There will be lots of art activities for families to enjoy!  We hope everyone enjoys the holiday season celebrating with loved ones!