Happy holidays from Koalas Room! We are so excited for the month of December! We have lots of exciting activities planned to celebrate this joyful month. The children will be busy with Christmas activities, which means Music and Movement activities, Christmas stories, holiday crafts and decoration. They will also be making Christmas gifts for their parents.

Hopefully December will bring lots of snow so we can have snow cones, go skating and penguin sliding in the snow!

At the beginning of December, we are very happy to have Dianna join our Koalas Room and look forward to watching her grow! Welcome, Dianna!

Children have been working at mastering their self-help skills, especially in dressing & undressing for outdoor play.  They have even been helping one another with zippers and mittens.  Most of the children in room are now speaking in full sentences, fully being able to express their wants, need, likes and dislikes, and even sharing thoughts, ideas and stories with adults and peers.  Children are beginning to use the materials in the program with more purpose/intention (i.e. building something very specific with the blocks, taking care of the babies), and are able to communicate their purpose/intention.  As always, the children are very interested in familiar songs (Baby Shark and Gummi Bear Song are 2 of our current favourites) and dancing!

We will end this month by “Celebrating the New Year!”. The children will make silver bells and party hats! This will be a fantastic month for our Koalas friends!