Kindergarten Program

The Kindergarten program is designed for Children from 4 years to 6 years of age.

Cute cheerful little girl reading bookThe adult to child ratio is 1:10 with a maximum class size of 16.

The West Oakville Preschool Kindergarten program is designed to continue the development of independence. The program introduces self-regulation, responsibility, organization, accountability and academic learning concepts in an age-appropriate manner during the Kindergarten years. We introduce play ideas to the children and all areas of the classroom are set up to encourage learning. The Centre’s objective is to prepare each child for Grade One.

We introduce language and math concepts that exceed the Ministry of Education requirements because we believe that four and five year old children are capable learners. At this age they are typically inquisitive, full of potential and ready own their learning.

The Kindergarten program focuses on:

  1. Language, Literacy and communication development
  2. Cognitive Thinking
  3. Personal, Social and Emotional development
  4. Fine Motor and Gross Motor skills
  5. Self-help and self-regulation
  6. Health habits and well-being
  7. Curiosity, tenacity and a passion for learning


6:45 45 ArrivalContinental BreakfastTable Activities / free play Personal & Social DevelopmentFine MotorCognitive Thinking
9:00 15 Washroom Routine Self- Help
9:15 30 Circle TimeO’Canada, Calendar & Jolly Phonics Language & Communication
9:50 30 Jolly Phonics ProgramActivity sheets and cognitive activities that practice phonetics and vocabulary. Language & LiteracyFine Motor
10:20 40 Math ActivitiesActivity sheets and hands-on-math related activities to practice numeracy, counting, and problem solving Cognitive ThinkingFine Motor
11:00 30 Free Play Fine Motor & CognitiveThinking, Social & Emotional Development
11:30 45 Hand washing routineLunch Self-HelpPersonal, social & Decision making
12:15 60 Washroom routineOutdoor Play Self-HelpGross Motor
1:15 60 Nap Time / Quiet Activities
2:15 30 Teacher Directed creative activitiesRelated to weekly Theme Social, Emotional DevelopmentFine MotorCreative Thinking
2:45 20 Afternoon Snack Self-HelpPersonal, Social & Decision Making
3:15 30 Story TimeShow and Share (Friday) Language & LiteracyComprehension
3:45 45 Free Play Social Emotional Development
4:30 60 Washroom RoutineOutdoor Play Self-HelpGross Motor
5:30 60 Table ActivitiesDeparture Fine MotorCognitive Thinking