Hello Everybody:

First of all, we want to wish everyone a “Happy New Year”.

The last few weeks of December, infants had been very busy listening Christmas songs and practicing a lot for the Christmas concert last December 15. Infants were dancing and shaking the bottles many times during the day. The day came and Infants did a very good job on stage and we were very proud of them.

Weather permitting, we tried to go outside for a little bit of fresh air in the morning and afternoon. Lately We have had very colds and snowy days, so we decided to bring the snow inside the classroom. We put it inside our blue bin and kids were playing with shovels and containers. Most of them were playing, exploring for a long time.

Slowly some infants started to look and play with each other (like one is sitting on the riding car and the other one push it from behind or one throw a ball and the other one goes quickly to pick it up, etc.).

In this opportunity, we would like to say goodbye to Landon and Sebastian who are moving to the Teddy Room. We would like to welcome Michael to the infants.


Andrea Reidman (R.E.C.E.)

Christine Huelma (E.C.A.)

Kamila Sowinsky (E.C.A.)