Hello Everybody,

Infants had a very busy month in the classroom.

With not very cold temperatures outside, we have had the opportunity to continue to go for our strollers walk in the morning and afternoon, where kids enjoy playing with bubbles, looking at the cars, singing songs and to play also with riding cars, rocking horses, tunnel in the playground!!

In the classroom, kids were very interested exploring different box sizes.  At the beginning, they were stacking one on top of the other, and then knocked them down with a smile on their faces, opening and closing the lid, putting something inside, making metal boxes roll and making noises, etc..

We noticed that one child wanted to go inside a shoe box… He squeezed himself and finally got in, so we decided to open some boxes and see what happens…  Some other kids tried to get inside too! They Were enjoying their time there while teachers were moving the boxes and singing songs, playing peekaboo, etc..

Playing with this material was fun and educational too!! Infants practice gross motor skills, coordination, space, turn taking, socialization, etc..

Important activities:

Friday February 10: Valentines night out for parents!! From 6:30 to 10pm in the Daycare.

Monday February 20:  Daycare close lieu of family day.

We would like to welcome Claire to the room.

We have changed the picture on our entrance wall. Please remember to take a peak.


Andrea Reidman (R.E.C.E)

Christine Huelma (E.C.A)

Kamila Slovinsky (E.C.A)