Exciting things are happening in the infant room as summer approaches! Everyone in the infant room would love to welcome our newest friends, Ella and Audra! We can’t wait to meet them both!

Now that spring is here, our room has been filled with flowers and butterflies, created by our infants to help brighten up our room this spring. Also, Mother’s Day is coming up soon, and the infants are busy at work making gifts for their very favourite people!

The infants are really enjoying getting to know one another and have started to interact and play a lot of games with each other. They love to play peek-a-boo and play with the shape sorters together.

They also have loved looking at the family photos we have taped to the cupboard. They love to look at them and are starting to even look and recognize the other families of their friends in the room.

The most exciting thing, however, is that a few of our friends are beginning to walk! We are starting to encourage the infants who are ready to take more steps by themselves. The others are starting to walk more by holding onto the strollers or even the furniture to take a few steps while walking along. We are very excited to see the infants develop these new skills and can’t wait to see them all begin to walk independently and confidently.

That’s just a small sneak peak as to what’s going on in the infant room, but of course we are up to so much more!

From the Infant Team – Ms. Andrea, Ms. Jessica, Ms. Kathy & Ms. Chona