This month the Bear Club children are very excited about Christmas and seeing Santa at our Annual Holiday Jingle Mix & Mingle. The children have been practicing some songs, for over a month now, that they will be singing for the families at the event.  Through this experience, they are gaining and using skills such as memorization, demonstrating an understanding of tone and rhythm, following direction, and expressing themselves through the joy of music! 

With the help of Liz, our Preschool Facilitator, we have been working on implementing small group activities, routines & transitions in our room, providing children a calmer and more positive experience for all. It also enables us to better meet children’s individual needs in the program.

We will be exploring an assortment of Christmas art activities and listening to Christmas stories over the month of December, as this is a huge interest of the children in the program.  There has been much interest in reading books lately.  Children have been offering ideas and language when narrating their own storylines while looking at the illustrations in various books.  Children have had particular interest in both creative art and science as well.  They are exploring various art materials and methods of expressing themselves through art…mastering those fine motor skills!  The children are also showing greater wonder about the world outside…discovering how to use the telescope to see from a distance, and asking questions about the sky and stars.  Other fine motor experiences that seem to be really engaging are using small hammers to hammer nails through disks and corkboard…leading to the introduction of more tools and opportunities to use them through workshop play.